Wednesday, 10 July 2013


i finished the reroot and im really pleased with how she looks but i will let her owner show you the finished photos of her......
i decorated the house (bedroom, hall, stairs, landing, kitchen and lounge, as well as all the woodwork and doors)  and now everything is gleaming white, tidy and dust free, i thought i would add some pics of the brightly coloured junk that i like to collect, this has been decluttered....

next.....cathy asked me ages ago to see a photo of my brunette no navel but as usual i havent seemed to have the time to take any pictures , ive had real trouble with this girl finding something for her to wear, ive tried dresses and trousers and nothing looked right, all i knew was she suited very simple, so i took this outfit off another girl and im finally pleased with how she looks.....

this is the girl that originally wore the scout outfit but now i think she looks lovely in this rather holey gregor outfit....


  1. Love your Elephants Sarah, I to have a few Elephants! I also remember having a couple of vases like the ones on show.A Lovely bright collection, thanks for showing us.

    Love your no navel girl's Sarah , the brunette looks nice in her borrowed outfit. the blonde looks good in gregor outfit, she is a lovely waif, wish I could find a no navel walf, lucky you.
    Dee xx

    1. ive decluttered my elephants as ive got rather alot so there all now hidden away in a basket upstairs, theres also lots more of those vases too ive just spread them about the place....ive decluttered the kitchen so much that rich says it looks like weve been burgled ,yes that little no navel waif is one of my favourites, she was on ebay for ages BIN and no one wanted her, i was over the moon when she came xxxxxx

  2. I love all your colourful 'collectibles' Sarah, they look so great on those shelves. Pity that you've decluttered as they don't look a bit cluttered to me!
    I think the little blue shirt and skirt look great on your brunette and so does the Gregor denims one look good on the blond. I do like these Gotz girls. I really mustn't keep looking at them though!!!!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. sharon, these are the shelves AFTER the decluttering ....they were bending under the weight of all the stuff so thought id go for a more "minimal" look (lol) you can see i dont do minimal, hubby says the whole house looks like a giant car boot sale , as for the gotz girls maybe best to just look as they can be a tad addictive xxxx

  3. Super pics Sarah :) Lovely to see your brunette no navel, I think she is lovely and looks great in the scout girl outfit, love the added touch of the stripy socks ...
    Your blonde who I love with those cute bunches, does look really good in the Gregor jumper & jeans ...
    Love all of your little nicknacks especially love the little wooden dolls (the smaller two on the left are super cute, little Japanese dolls maybe? Ever so cute :)
    Thanks so much for posting the pics!
    Hugs Cathy x
    PS: Gotz girls are definitely definitely addictive ... but lovely!!