Sunday, 14 July 2013


I regret that i wont be able to make any duplicates as its the school holidays next week and im not sure how much sewing time i will be able to have .....


SOLD.....OUTFIT (B).....


SOLD....OUTFIT (D)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (E).....

SOLD......OUTFIT (F)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (G)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (H)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (I)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (J)....

SOLD....OUTFIT (K)....

I made this very delicate studio outfit from an antique baby dress, it was like a jigsaw puzzle to make using the different pieces of the original dress and working out how to put them together for this dress, underneath are long white pantloons edged with lace to match the dress, also included are hair ribbons and handmade leather shoes ......


  1. What a beautiful bunch of girls in gorgeous outfits. I love love love that white dress with the pretty!
    And your new girl with the short wig is soooo sweet looking wearing it, I really do like the look of her. Maybe if my brunettes hair falls any more, and she ends up bald, I will wig her with short hair, it looks perfect!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. thanks not sure about the short wig, don't know if it looks like a boy in a dress or a girl with short hair....I was going to comment on your blog to say how your new girl and this one of mine have such similar faces....very pretty pair xxxxxxx

    2. You're right Sarah, I went to look again and yes, they do look very similar!!
      As for your girl, I do think she looks like a girl with short hair, and definitely not a boy in a dress. I showed her to a friend of mine who has just got her first Sasha and she thought she was beautiful too. In fact it's given her ideas now too!!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Just getting very slightly (not much) organised with all Mum and Dads stuff and my own to downsize and go and will ring you soon.
    LOVE your ling necked pussy cats!
    Love the outfits.
    Will email you my new details xxx

  3. Love all the outfits Sarah, especially the last white one, so beautifully made into a new dress perfect use of the original lace etc.
    Dee x

  4. Missed them again........................(:
    Lovely collection!

  5. Once again I've missed all of these!


  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, sarah i hope your doing ok and ronny sorry for the lack of emails....penny i see your having a wonderful heatwave in france like we are and dee that white dress was a nightmare to make as it felt like i was trying to sew a spiderweb, the fabric was so delicate xxxxx