Saturday, 22 June 2013


Thought id show you what ive been up to !, made a start on the reroot, i think the colour really suits her so fingers crossed she looks lovely and my friend will be happy !.....

next the dreadlock girl, i really dont want to do it all again so as i had nothing to loose i cut the hair more, i was quite pleased with the look but hubby walked past and said "youve gone and ruined it now!".....then i decided the hair needed more heat to settle it into shape, so i set about with lots of heat and steam to improve things but i have to do each dreadlock separately else they will stick together, there are hundreds of them so only did the top few layers, maybe one day ill get round to doing the far happier with her now, i know the boots dont really go with the dress but they will have to do untill i get round to making some shoes.......


  1. They both look stunning. The new reroot looks very promising and the dreadlocks look great.

  2. Loving them both Sarah. Love the colour of the re root it does look good on her. She has a gorgeous face and will look stunning when you have finished.
    Dee x

  3. They both look great. I actually love the boots with the red dress, it reminds me of the summer that my daughter fell in love with her red wellington boots and wore them with everything ..even her swim suit at the lido, much to the amusement of the life guards!

  4. 'YOUR' friend is more than thrilled with the re-root and can't wait for her to be finished and found a colour co-ordinated outfit ready for her debut on August 8th (an ex-wedding anniversary gift from 'me to me!)

    Have to disagree with Rich as I think that I much prefer the now shorter dreadlocks.....and also rather like the long red boots with the new full skirted dress, looking as though she'd just had to quickly slip into the nearest footwear before racing outside for her photoshoot.

    Love the new photoshoot wooden box base.

  5. What a lovely job you're doing on her reroot Sarah, she looks gorgeous and it's the perfect colour for her. And I have to say that the shorter dreads are great! I know I didn't see them before but have to say that they look a very good and manageable length to me!

  6. Kendal's girl is looking great and we will look forward to her 'debut' :-)

    Your little dreadlock girl STILL looks good - ;-) I liked her both before and afterwards - she is different in a GOOD way. Love the boots.