Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I think i must be a bit mad as today i have started a new reroot, i did say the last one i did was to be the last but i bought a caleb sometime last year with the intention of rerooting but couldnt decide what to do with the hair, so up untill now he has been modelling in a homemade wig made from wool......but now i have a plan for him, ive no idea at all at how he/she will look when finished, it may just be alot of wasted time but i wont know till i try !...it didnt start off well this morning as i couldnt use the hair that id bought as i soon found it wasnt suitable, id made up my mind though that today was the day to make a start so ive started using some hair that i bought by mistake a few years ago, i dont think theres enough though and i dont know the exact colour shade , so ive just ordered some more with the hope it will match....
so there wont be any new sewing for a while but i hope to add some nice dolly photos in the meantime for you all to see .......

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  1. Can't wait to see your new re-root, lol. Hope your hands and fingers are recovering???
    Love Steve XXX