Sunday, 11 August 2013


If you would like to purchase any of the outfits i have for sale please contact me at

£1.10 for the uk BUT unless the item is signed for it is only insured for £20, nothing yet has got lost but if you require signed for (insured for £50) it will be £1.10 extra...please let me know if you want this.....
europe is now £3.20
rest of the world now £3.70

if in europe or america and you buy more than one outfit and the parcel weighs more than 100 grams  the price has now gone up to
europe £3.70
rest of world £4.70
and again for these countries the item is only insured for £20 .......but if you want international signed for (insured for £50)  it is an extra
£5.30 europe
£5.30 rest of the world

if in the uk i would prefer a cheque but if thats a problem paypal will be fine and for the rest of the world paypal only.........

SOLD....OUTFIT (A)....


SOLD ....OUTFIT (C)...

SOLD...OUTFIT (E).....

SOLD...OUTFIT (F).... 


a passing butterfly seemed to like the smock, im thinking she looks a bit grumpy at its arrival ! .....

SOLD ...OUTFIT (H)....


  1. Oh knickers, missed my favourites again!!! Beautiful work as usual Sarah!!! That upcycled M&S dress is just GORGEOUS!!!
    Love the blue and white stripes in vintage cotton too! Well to be honest, they're all lovely, but those two are my favs!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  2. Snap! Same here Sharon! Those two were MY favourites too!

  3. Loved and missed the M&S dress!! Didn't realise you were listing during the school holidays :)

  4. thanks everyone, it always suprises me what people like best .....and ronny I didn't realise either that id be listing in the school hols seeing as I should be sewing for dees snap n chat but dee I promise to make a start and you shall
    have clothes !xxxx

  5. Damn!!!! Missed them all again...


  6. Hello Sarah!

    Your outfits are as pretty as ever. I will reply to your email very soon....just very busy. Thank you for following my Pinterest board.
    Hope Esme is enjoying the Summer holidays.