Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I SHOULD BE........

Rerooting this pretty boy this week........


but instead i will be making some more outfits for the blog as i think there were some disappointed people when i listed this week....so there will be some more dresses coming soon (ish)........


  1. Super, great.....bb olivia

  2. Oh he is too pretty to reroot Sarah...I want him! ;-) He has gorgeous eyes.

    Good luck with the sewing, looking forward to seeing your new makes.

  3. I am intrigued! Is he going to stay a boy or are you (horror of horrors) making him into a 'girl'???

    1. im afraid horror of horrors, he is going to be a girl and will look just like all my other models, i really need another brunette model and this pretty boy will be perfect, his hair is falling so i wont feel so guilty about it, i just wish i had a magic wand to transform him as i dont want to do all the hard work ....sarah x

  4. He is a beautiful Sasha Boy....Love his eyes !