Monday, 30 April 2012


Well im shocked at the new post charges and it could be quite complicated.....i add 20p on top of the actual postal cost for packing materials which i think is quite reasonable ......
The actual postal charges to europe and america has shot up by loads ,
i now have to charge for europe : £2.90
and for america + australia         : £3.50
for the uk i think its best to send the outfits unsigned for to keep cost down, the items are still insured and i get proof of posting....
so uk postage  : £1.10
BUT if 2 outfits are bought at once and they wont fit through the slot in the post office the price goes up to £2.90, so it sounds ridiculous but it will be cheaper to send them in 2 separate parcels.....
for bulkier items such as coats the cost will have to be £2.70 ......sometimes with a dress outfit ,my shoe leather is thicker than usual so the item wont easily glide through the these times i will pay the extra postage costs......


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  2. Hi Sarah...Thanks for the info,now where are the outfits ? lol !!,nice weather for ducks ...hope you are well,frightening the cost of everything isn't it?

  3. yes i was too shocked at some of the postage charges on Monday when i posted, your postage charges are very good considering its about 35p a bag plus the tissue, sticky etc. xx