Sunday, 4 December 2011

MORE......on post below

Dee, how odd that we should think of doing this on the same day ! and lorraine i love that doll you have.....i dont seem to be able to leave comments on either of your blogs at the apologies !......
I thought id add a photo of my first rag doll that probably started all this off, it sounds like a bit of a sob story but when i was small our house wasnt a very happy house , there was literally no money and i never invited friends round because i think i was scared that they would find out what it was like living in our house. i got this doll when i was quite little (she was as big as me when i got her but esme is tall so ive no idea how old i was) i came in for a birthday tea and she was sat at the table (mum had made her) and she was my only guest for the tea and in the middle of the table was a snow cake which literally was snow in a big glass trifle dish with candles in, there probably was a real cake too but i dont remember that but i do remember i thought it was the best birthday ever and ive treasured this doll ever since (but i have lost her boots ).....its strange that i should collect so many things from this era and its such a big part of my life when at the time it wasnt very nice ...maybe all this im going through is a second childhood but happier this time round !......


While i had the camera esme wanted me to take a photo to show what she made today, i let her loose with my old sewing machine and with a bit of help (i did the beak and sewed it closed)... i think she did really well.......



  1. I think that is a wonderful bird Esme has made. What a clever girl, she takes after her Mum!

    How lovely that you still have that rag doll your Mum made you. It is very special indeed.

  2. Lovely bird that Esme's made definately takes after mum.

    Mum's have a clever way of knowing what their children need and yours could see you needed a friend for home. She is a lovely doll all the more because she was made with love.