Sunday, 29 March 2015


Photos of clothes soon but yesterday it was rainy and today its rainy and blowing a gale , i just tried to take photos in the kitchen but theyve all turned out blurred, ive not really ever used the camera indoors so im not sure what settings to use , obviously not the ones that ive just tried ! i will list the clothes once i can take photos .....
then there wont be sewing for a while as its the easter holidays and my brother and his daughter are coming over from thailand to visit and i dont think ive seen them for 7 years so is going to be lovely catching up ....


  1. S*d the outfits Sarah, you just have a brilliant time with your brother and neice, I bet you're mega excited to be seeing them....7 years is a long old time :) my mum and brother are also coming over for Easter, they arrive tomorrow, although thankfully it is only a couple of months since I saw them but I still miss them all the same! :)
    Sewing and dollies can wait, they will still be here afterwards!
    Big hugs and have a great visit :)
    Love Sharon xxx

    1. thanks sharon, theyre coming at the end of the week for 10 days, staying at mums, my sisters coming too...fingers crossed for good weather as it will be a shock for them dealing with uk weather after sweltering in bangkok ! ...enjoy your time with your family xxxxx