Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hope you have a lovely day, im always rubbish at sending cards so i thought a photo instead...not the best but its the thought that counts !....sarah xxx


  1. Love the posing in the first photo! Very clever indeed!
    Noticed that you have only used Denise's favourite No-navel dolls. A super, thoughtful idea.
    Although I have already wished her a very happy birthday I'd like to join you and these three girls here too in wishing her a very happy day.

  2. Lovely girls Sarah, Dee will be delighted to see these three No Navels!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  3. Thank you Sarah :) Three gorgeous no navel girl's my favourite ! A perfect photo for my birthday.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes and the great photo and it' is always the thought that counts! :)
    hugs Dee xx

    1. not the planned photos as I was trying to take them while esme decided she needed to open a 5 litre pot of white emulsion, very close to the dolls, so I ended up having to do it myself and had to gingerly lay the dolls down as I had bits of paint on my fingers and the pics had to be taken as the light was fading .....but yes the thought was there xxxx

  4. Great photos Sarah and so nice for Dee's birthday!!! :) xx