Sunday, 4 May 2014



I have decided now not to make shoes with my outfits, if you really want shoes though i will make them as i still have loads of leather .......


Pretty dress made out of charcoal grey pinstripe shirting fabric, it has a faux waistband and contrasting white peter pan collar, underneath are matching bloomers, also included are white nylon socks and white hair not included ...


Simply styled natural linen dress, the full skirt is edged in  lace and the front of the bodice also has lace and button detail, underneath are matching bloomers, also included are white nylon socks and cream hair not included....


Floral cotton dress in bold shades of pink, underneath are matching blooomers, also included are white nylon socks and pink hair not included ....


Sleeveless cotton floral smock and matching hairband, worn over 3/4 denim trousers that have an elasticated waist, also included are white nylon not included ....


Pretty dress made from floral blue cotton with contrasting white puffed sleeves and collar, underneath are matching floral knickers edged with white lace, also included is the matching hairband and white nylon are not included ....


I have made this dress from a M&S childrens dress,there is embroidery and pin tucks to the front and pintucks to the bottom of the skirt, underneath are matching bloomers , also included are hair ribbons and white nylon not included ....


This looks lovely in real life but was quite difficult to photograph !....made from denim coloured thin shirting fabric, frill detail across the front edged in pink, worn over shorts with tiny turn ups , all with contrasting pink stitching , also included are pink hair ribbons (not shown) and white nylon socks not included ....


I tried to take photos of this outfit in the sunshine, then in the shade, then at nearly nightfall but everytime i couldnt get the camera to pick up the print of the fabric without it looking faded, so i had to just take a close up photo of the fabric to show the true colours ....the dress is pretty and puff sleeve, worn over matching bloomers, also included are hair ribbons (not shown) and white nylon not included .....


  1. Oh my goodness, another batch of beautiful outfits Sarah!! I just love the blue one made from the M&S dress, it's gorgeous! I remember you making something similar last year and I loved that one too......And my second favourite is the natural linen dress....gorgeous too. You do make the loveliest things!
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

  2. Thanks sharon...youve got a good memory on the m&s dress !, ....the photos this time arent really ideal as it was far too sunny but these were the best i could do xxxx

    1. How could I forget, it was so lovely! As is this one!

  3. Sometimes I feel like just giving up as I was here ....though no undating.... then eight minutes later practically all were sold .....ALTHOUGH .....drum roll please ...I have managed to actually buy ONE today! A Bank Holiday treat from me to me!!

    An absolutely stunning always!

  4. Another gorgeous set of clothes Sarah :)

  5. Missed the boat again, better luck next time, all wonderful as usual Sarah xxxx