Sunday, 7 April 2013



                                                     Hope you have a lovely day !  xxxxxx

sorry no birthday pressie pics but i thought i would add these photos of my newish saucer eyed girl for you to see, her eyes are a pale green on top of the brown but it doesnt show to well in the photos....and she has amazing soft silky hair ....


  1. She has amazing hair Sarah and I can see the green on the eyes.The dress suits her, brunettes seem to look good in reds and pinks.

    How many saucer eyed girl's do you have now?

    1. i misread your comment dee....i thought you had written that SHE was amazing and i was a bit suprised ! (lol) but then realised it was her HAIR that was amazing .....
      ive now got 5 , love them all as there all so

  2. Beautiful girl, Sarah! I think these saucer-eyed girls have very expressive faces. And I love that dress! Your own creation? xxx Karin

    1. ooh no karin, not my creation ! made by the talented jill mackley who sadly isnt making sasha clothes anymore....i have tried my hand at smocking but i think its best i leave it to the experts ! (lol)...sarah x

  3. Oh what a lovely surprise post with yet more birthday wishes. Thank you so very much Sarah.

    My apologies for taking so long to get here to see this absolutely gorgeous doll posing especially for me today but the day is being hectic to say the least with family and friends popping in, the phone on the go constantly (bet that the 'ring back' facility must be making a fortune today.)
    Good job that I'm going out for the evening meal as haven't time to have any lunch as yet.

    You have completely won me over to wanting to own at least one of these Gotz saucer eyed girls.....BUT guessing there's not much chance of that now as you are much quicker off the mark on the computer Sasha market.

    This brunette girl is truely delightful and in my favourite Sasha colourings, brunette hair and brown with a hint of green eyes. Loving her in the beautiful Jill Mackley dress.

    ......and talking of outfits just wait and see the two FABULOUS outfits that Sarah has so very kindly and generously made for me for my birthday. Can't wait to have the time to have a little Sasha play and try them on a doll or two.
    A million/trillion thanks Sarah.