Thursday, 14 February 2013


STEVE..........I hope you had a lovely day !

I thought id add a photo of this sweet valentines that esme made for her boyfriend archie, she cut out all the hearts round the edge but when glued on you couldnt tell they were hearts so she had to outline them, the giraffe was an after thought as she said the card looked too grown up and girly without it...

Next a lovely birthday card for me, all a bit rushed as she'd spent so long on the valentine, you cant tell from the photo but its kind of 3D as all of it was cut out of thick cardboard using a stanley knife and glued on.....


  1. Phantastic work everything! Love the navy girl!And I can see where Esme got her talent from. She does a good drawing too. Very funny cards.
    Love to both of you,Fanny

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  3. Beautiful sailor outfit Sarah
    and very artistic cards by Esme , a chip off the old block, it would appear
    Dee x
    ps I removed the other one because I did not read it and therefore did not see where i'd mixed the letters up!!

  4. Thank you my dear friend Sarah for the beautiful sailor outfit, its just what i wanted!
    Your Esme is so artistic, just like her MUM, lol. Wonderful cards, well done Esme
    Love Steve xxxxxx

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  6. A very happy birthday, Steve. Hope that you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family.
    Have been especially thinking of you on this your special day.
    Love this nautical outfit that Sarah designed and made for you as her present.

    Two great cards Esme. Nothing quite like home-made cards on these occasions.

    Good work Sarah and Esme!!