Sunday, 18 November 2012


Well i have been busy sewing but ive not had time to take any photos of the outfits for the blog, so i think it will have to wait untill next weekend.....
In the meantime i did say to my friend in the netherlands that i would show her some photos of my deans rag book dolls and i thought i would add them here....

This first pair, the one on the right has been well loved and the one on the left is pristine still with tags attatched......i dont have a clue how old they are ?


There is a little dutch boy in the middle with faded clothes and a beautiful face...

This lovely girl was sent to me as a suprise gift a few weeks ago from a very kind sasha friend to cheer me up, shes an arranbee ? doll with r&b on her neck...

This is an enormous deans ragbook girl from the 1930s and she still has her original paper tag on her wrist, i added the photo of her "stood" next to me to show how tall she is...

and lastly....ive had this dolls house since about 1973, my nans brother made it for me, esme has had it in her room for years but has decided she doesnt want something so babyish and girly anymore, so as there was nowhere else for it to go, it has had to come into my over crowded sewing room....the rooms though are good storage for ribbons etc...


  1. Great dolls Sarah and what an amazing face on the big doll.

    Keep hold of your dolls house even if it becomes a ribbon store, I had to sell mine when we moved here as it was too big to go anywhere and I do miss it.

  2. A most interesting post...I seem to be learning new dolly things all the time from these blogs.

    Great to be finally meeting some of your non-Sasha dolls and love the way you have used the doll's house as a storage unit. Very clever!

    Sasha love and thanks, from Kendal.

  3. Really lovely and interesting to see some of your other dolls Sarah, can't get over how tall the Deans ragbook girl is, the others are cute and I really actually do like the little arranbee girl, she is so sweet (am not normally a fan of those type of eyes) but there is just something lovely about her :)
    Glad you have managed to keep your dolls house, I have one of mine still but it was one I got when I was about 14 or so (so not cool - lol) but I gave my doll houses away that I had as a younger child, wish I'd kept them now of course! hugs Cathy x

  4. Great post Sarah, wonderful to read about and see some of your other dolls!

  5. What a fascinating collection of unusual dolls. I have never heard of them before. Where are/were they made? Ragbook is such a strange name - I shall have to go online to find out more! Thanks for adding to our stack of knowledge! As Kendal says, there is a lot to be learned from these Sasha blogs! Very interesting post. xxx Karin